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SCE Series Pump Technology

SCE Series Pump Technology


-Suction and discharge flanges are on the same axis line. The double-suction design reduces axial forces by directing flow into both sides of the impeller. The double-volute design, available on most models, reduces the radial load and minimizes noise and vibration.
-Suction and discharge flanges comply with TS EN 1092-2/PN16 or PN25 (steel-hulled or stainless steel-hulled pumps).
-Seal box is cooled with water. Seals are easily dismountable, which makes replacing and fitting up additional seals easy.
-Optionally, split-case pumps can be manufactured horizontal or vertical.
-The impellers are dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940 class 6.3.
-Direction of rotation is clockwise when viewed from the motor in standard manufacturing. In this case, the suction flange is on the right side. If required, the direction of rotation can be adjusted counter-clockwise. In this case, the suction flange is on the left side.
-Replaceable case wear rings protect the pump casing and reducing maintenance costs.
-Bronze shaft sleeves protect the shaft and help with fixation of the impeller.
-In horizontal installation, ball bearing with grease lubrication is used as standard. In the case of vertical installation, the bearing with fluid lubrication is used on the lower side and the ball bearing with grease lubrication is used on the upper side.


-Power Plants,
-Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage,
-Petroleum Industry,
-Building Systems,
-Water Purification and Pressurization,
-Mining and Chemical Industry,
-Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning,
-Fire Extinguishing,
-Food and Beverage Industry,
-Iron Steel Industry.



Compression Flange DN 65 – DN 600
Flow 6000 m³/h
Compression Height 180 m
Frequence Three-Phase 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Fluid Temperature From -20 ˚C until +110 ˚C
Maximum Working Pressure 16 bar (25 bar)