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TKF Series Pump Technologies

TKF Series Pump Technologies


-TKF Series has compatible design with uncorrosive material, and is compatible with liquids that don't contain big concrete shivers.
-TKF Series are single-stage pumps and it offers simplicity of pump's or motor's free movement when disassemble, owing to its coupling connections.
-Flange's general dimensions comply with TS EN 733 - DIN 24255.
-Suction ve Discharge flanges comply with TS EN 1092-2/PN 16.
-In TKF Series, it is used closed impeller and All impellers are balanced dynamically or statically to minimize bulk, there's balancing holes between wings.
-Soft Packing is used for shaft sealing.  If requested, shaft sealing can be provided by mechanical sealing.
-Thanks to its design, sealing and bearing can be replaced when necessary. 10 supplementary models are designed in compliance with 29 models in TS EN 733 standards. Main dimensions of supplementary models may differ from other manufacturers'.  All impellers balance statically and dynamically with ISO 1940's 6.3.
-Pump's direction of roration is clockwise when it's checked from motor's side.
-Optionally, pumps can be produced in mile bearing and/or wear ring.


-Power Plants,
-Agricultural Irrigation and Drainage,
-Petroleum Industry,
-Building Systems,
-Water Purification and Pressurization,
-Mining and Chemical Industry,
-Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning,
-Fire Extinguishing,
-Food and Beverage Industry,
-Iron Steel Industry.



Compression Flange DN 32 – DN 250
Flow 1700 m³/h
Compression Height 100 m
Frequence Three-Phase 50 Hz - 60 Hz*
Fluid Temperature From -25 ˚C until +140 ˚C
Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar (16 bar)